Sunday, September 14, 2014

Root Words, Endings and more

We are starting our 4th week of school Monday...
I can honestly say, I feel like it's coming together.
We have started a routine... the schedule is sure and the expectations are clear.
My fabulous team (I love my girls) are working on the new reading program together.
We are finding things that work, things to tweek and things to skip.
It's a process (an exhausting one at times) however, I feel like we are making progress...
and progress is good!!
Homework is working (I posted that a couple weeks ago).
Spelling and vocabulary tests are finally figured out.
I wasn't sure how the best way to assess the vocabulary was... but this 'form' has worked for 3 weeks now.  The kids 'get' it and it's easy to correct.
Reading Skills (homework) is bound, handed out, taken home and beginning to be mastered.  It is fabulous!!  If you have not checked it out... you really should.
Michele has created a fantastic step by step reading structure for kids.
This file is all you need to construct a solid reading packet for each of your students to review OR master OR learn.  It is valuable for all 2nd graders.
I appreciate how it is ready to place in the copier and create!!!
No fuss but TONS of phonetic opportunity for the little ones.
I created a couple mini lesson packets to go along with our language arts (specifically our new reading program).  They've been very helpful for the weekly instruction.
Next up is Number Bonds.
Have I mentioned how grateful I am that my math isn't changing this year!?!?
Math Helps - Number Bonds
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 11th

It's a day I'll never forget...
I was in Newport Beach on vacation with my mother, sisters, nieces and nephews.
We were planning to take the kids to Disneyland that day.
I turned the news on while getting ready only to view the horrific scenes on the TV.
We couldn't believe our eyes and yet couldn't pull ourselves away from the television.
We stayed close to the condo that day and hugged each other all day!

My little 2nd graders weren't even born yet...
however, I love to use this day to remember the many heroes, blessings and opportunities we have of living in the United States of America.

Sweet and talented, Nikki  (Melonheadz) created these beautiful images to help us remember and honor our heroes.  I printed these pages back to back and let the children color them while I read the picture book above.  These became a special page in their portfolio on this patriotic day.

I'm Proud to be an American!!

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

DOUBLES and NBT Task Cards and FREEBIE

This week it's 2.OA.1...  DOUBLES!
I just finished up some posters, cards and student booklets... 

Have you seen this Doubles Rap... hilarious...

I have task cards all over my computer right now.
I posted the NBT Task Cards today... G, MD and OA should be posted in a day or two.

I made them very generic so that I can use them a few times throughout the year...
as a pre and post assessment and review for the end of year.
There are 9 sets (of 12 cards + recording sheet) for each standard.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No David!!

 Our class reviewed rules and behavior using NO DAVID books and Angie Neal's adorable
 NO DAVID craft.  They turned out darling.  Thanks Angie!!

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fast and Fluent Readers

 So, Tuesday we officially begin week 1 in our new Wonders Reading Program.
It is so overwhelming!! 
 On top of that we are being told from the district that specific routines MUST be completed each day, in a specific way, in a specific amount of time... 
it is causing anxiety to say the least. 
My team spent many hours reading through and searching editions, exploring online resources and discussing various options.... ready or not here we come!

My homework this weekend is to purchase about 10 more easy-to-use timers for the kiddos to use during Fast and Fluent Readers.  Once my Daily 5 routine is up and going, I won't need that many (as they'll be doing it as part of their Read to Someone routine).  I want to model and practice many times this week so we learn it right the first time ;) ...that way when it comes time to do it independently... they'll be pros!

We had a great discussion at Back to School night.
Parents have been notified that we all are going to 'step' it up... spelling homework now includes; spelling words, challenge words, high frequency AND vocabulary words.
This page above will go home on Monday in their homework folder. It serves as a spelling/vocab list and activity to complete throughout the week... 
to be returned on Friday just in time for the test ;)

No matter where you are reading this post... 
you will probably hear and feel my sigh of relief that math went so well last year.
Lucky for me... the file is prepared, copied and ready for another year!

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Student Writing Journal UPDATED

It was requested that I make my student journal available in a full page version... so...
now it is!  If you are interested re-download your purchase for both options!
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day of School

Let the new school year begin!!
I've missed the fun get to know you blog hops this year ;(...
I felt a bit busy getting my own kiddos and classroom ready for school, 
however we did make the first day!!
Everyone make it safely, enjoyed the day and came back for day 2.
Here's a peek in room SQUARE 8.

Are the Secret Star?  (Cupcake for the Teacher

 Thank you Nikki for Melonheadz!

 Cute flip chart from Frieda at the Utah Blogger Meet Up.

 Name tags in the hallway to welcome the new little ones.

That daughter of mine is nuts... (posing in the front of the room)
 but I'm going to keep her ;)
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